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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 01:22:00 UTC 2014

Hi Naomi,
Do you know if we have an active Treasurer for Noisebridge?
A few months ago, I sent this email to the board email list, but got no response.  This isn't urgent, but it is something we need to deal with.
I was at Wells Fargo  dealing with my personal accounts there, and asked about the WFB Noisebridge Savings account.

I was (rightly) taken off of the Noisebridge checking account about a year ago (or so).  But whoever did that left me on the Savings account, along with:  Jeffrey Malone, David Molnar, and Kelly Buchanan.  Me and Kelly are the key account holders.  And no one else is on the account.

This should be changed.  Ideally, everyone on the Noisebridge checking account should be people Noisebridge wants on that account.  And I would think that the Noisebridge savings account should have those same people on it.

Since me and Kelly are key account holder for the Noisebridge savings account, I was told that the only way to change the account holders for the Savings account is for me and two authorized Noisebridge officers need to sign a form at WFB requesting the changes.  I was told it is easiest if we all go in to a WFB branch together.  But it is also possible for each of us to go individually go to various WFB branches of our choice to sign a request that a Noisebridge officer creates at WFB.

FYI, the Noisebridge savings account has $2,822.64.  Except for (very low) monthly interest payments, there has been no activity on this account since 1/17/2013, when Danny transferred $3,000 from the savings to the checking account.  The WFB Savings account # is:  6733466616

How do you think we should change things?

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