[Noisebridge-board] Highly Interest of cooperating with NB

glendon glendon at wondlan.com
Sat Jun 21 15:54:41 UTC 2014

Hi NB board :

I am Glendon from Wondlan group. I keep my eye on NB for a long time and have high interest with what you guys doing. 
I love it. 

Who we are 
I would be delighted to speak with you about our brand, Wondlan, a leading brand in photography and filmmaking industry. 
We’re a professional designer, manufacturer and retailer of video shooting devices for more than 10 years.  
www.wondlan.com is our website.

What we are doing and interest 
We try to stand on the crossover of art and tech providing the creative craftsmen with the very best high-tech tools they need to create their art.

We find the trend that video will replace photos to become the new unit for information transmission. 
Some wearable gears (Video shooting suit)  for video shooting and film art creativity are tried to be developed . 
We feel Video shooting robots will be our 2nd generation. 
Intellectualized video shooting end will be our 3rd generation. 
We love the high-tech genius , we love the edge cutting tech. We want to create something different , totally different. 

What we may need your help 
Our present technical force is not strong enough especially for the robots and intellectualized gears. 
We think there are lots of genius in your community. And they may help us on the development of products.

What we can offer you 
Funds for supporting the community a long time. ( I noticed NB met some financial problem on your introduction. )
We are strong at machining , moulding, manufacturing.
We are strong at marketing, launching product into market worldwide. ( we have 2000+ dealers and distributors all over the world) 
We have a complete and strong system which can " make the gears ", " publish the gears".
Geeks and Hackers will have no need to run a company , recruiting , selling ,marketing  and worrying about the funds. 

What we can do together 
Innovative Ideas , concepts , gears in your community can be made in to product, real gears and published to all over the world. 
Our goal is to build an open and friendly platform that can to help the idea holders , geeks, hackers . Make their ideas ,thinking , concept , inventions and dreams come true. I think we have a lot in common.
Our value is to be a helper, teacher and supporter for the creative guys. 
Geeks , hackers, creative artist can reap the rewards from the platform. And platform can also share some of the result and become bigger and stronger .
More and more genius can be attracted to our platform.
With NB's help this platform can be true. 

If you are interest in my thinking and plan. I look forward to your early reply.

Development Committee
Wondlan Group 
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