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Ari Lacenski alacenski at gmail.com
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Hiya. I wrote this last night, believing that board@ was a list alias, but
it just occurred to me it's not. I hope this is helpful concerning Github

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Hi folks,

Here is how to use Github for issue tracking.

Go to https://github.com/noisebridge/cabal/ if you want to see all files
related to the cabal's activities that have been placed on Github. On the
right-hand side, there's a link to Issues.

https://github.com/noisebridge/cabal/issues is the issue tracker. "New
Issue" button on the top right.

When you add a new issue, I think we can ignore the milestone dropdown most
of the time (save for comic effect) and can default to not assigning
anybody unless a certain person has affirmed an intention to take point on
the issue. In that case, it WOULD be my preference to have an issue
"assigned" to me rather than only having my name in the issue subject, as
Github will then notify me more directly.

Thanks for making the meeting. See you next month if not before.
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