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neil maclean neil at warmcove.org
Thu Oct 22 07:03:20 UTC 2009

Hi Aaron,
I put the panel on the post for the kitchen after discussion with Zedd, 
Miloh, and Jim and a few others. Its in an excellent position from the 
standpoint of being out of the way of cooks and eaters, and the many 
pathways out of it to other key locations, but the location is part of a 
plan, if the plan is not communicated to those that carry it forward it 
is unlikely to be simple or as useful as if the plan is completed. I 
don't know what other people's schedule is for finishing the build out, 
but when that time comes I will try to clear some of my time and finish 
connecting up the panel or at the least laying out the design on whoever 
will take it forward. If build meetings are still occurring on Friday 
nights, I'll try to make it, especially if work on kitchen or on a media 
area resume.

To answer the question about sizing: the 100 amps 3 phase was because 
the kitchen crew planned a 220 50 amp oven and stovetop, a 220 30 amp 
water heater, a 220 30amp clothes dryer, a washer, additional kitchen 
appliances, plus this was the only new panel delivered to that entire 
quadrant of the space so who knows what might come: (since the panel was 
installed requests for a fan/blower, and dark room have come forward.)

Unless I've forgotten, (?) the panel in the shop is three phase and was 
sized for two reasons: three phase 50 is plenty for the list of 
equipment that Jim thought likely to eventually be in place: small 
lathe, cutters, printers, drill press, perhaps a band saw. Nothing that 
burns like a welder or paint oven, nor any other really large electrical 
draw (motors not heaters in contrast to the kitchen/laundry/bathroom.) 
Secondly, we had extra #6 wire so it was cheap and on hand to put in the 

Its exciting to see the space getting used, I showed up Monday for 
electronics class and got way laid by a notebook vs water crisis so 
missed the chance to build my own TV be Gone.  

I'm looking forward to having a great kitchen and a decent media space 
after the next wave of building.


Aaron Stone wrote:
> I taped a piece of paper to the wall next to the main panel labeling
> each of the breakers.
> The subpanel in the dirty shop is two phase 50 amp, is that enough for
> the machinery that's going in there?
> The kitchen subpanel is three phase 100 amp, and in an awkward
> location for getting power back up that column. Is there going to be
> an electric oven/stove that warrants so much power?
> Aaron
> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 9:14 PM, Aaron Stone <sodabrew at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for the brain dump of things to work on! I'll put some noisebot
>> time into my schedule this week and use your list to do a walkaround
>> triage of what I can help with.
>> Are the parts for these projects all bought already? If not, is there
>> a reimbursement fund or is it on a donation basis by whomever makes
>> the hardware store run?
>> Aaron
>> On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 9:43 PM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:
>>>   there is no schedule. people do what they can (or
>>> please) when they can.
>>>   one burning need is for storage. seems to me the
>>> stuff in the turing classroom is of three categories:
>>> computer stuff, construction stuff, and the flat
>>> screen stuff (on the table near the door).
>>>   getting the computer stuff and the construction
>>> stuff off the tables makes the room useable.
>>>   places to put the stuff include near the big rack
>>> and other computer stuff near the fridge (for the
>>> computer stuff) as well as along the wall that
>>> divides the classrooms from the central walkway space
>>> (for the construction stuff). leave the flat screen
>>> stuff where it is for now.
>>>   look at the construction of the shelves in the
>>> storage closet and build another one or two shelves.
>>> i've got the hang of it, so just as well leave it
>>> for me--i'll get to it fast.
>>>   there's paint and electrical fittings in the
>>> storage closet.
>>>   against the west windows are planks for the book
>>> shelves. cut 2x4s in 12 inch lengths (nice and
>>> straight cuts, use the radial saw) for supports for
>>> the shelves. there are a few heavy cardboard
>>> wardrobe boxes to be used as backing (smear glue on
>>> the rear edges of the wood then staple or nail the
>>> cardboard onto the glued surfaces). there are
>>> various nails and glue and various tees and angle
>>> braces in the closet next to the electronics area.
>>>   the sub-panel on the south wall (west end) should
>>> power the lights and receptacles for the electronics
>>> area, storage closet, and darkroom. the light fixtures
>>> above the electronics area should get powered from
>>> the sub-panel and switched from a column on the south
>>> wall (look at tape tags on the south wall). bring pipe
>>> up from the sub-panel to the ceiling and then branch
>>> to the various locations (there's my bender in the
>>> storage closet.
>>>   wire up the receptacles on the west wall. they get
>>> power from the sub-panel on the north wall (near the
>>> elevator room).
>>>   in the middle of the north wall in the turing
>>> classroom, near the floor, is a box with wires sticking
>>> out. leave it alone till i group the red-black-white
>>> wires. then it'll be ready for provide power for lights
>>> in the dirty workshop, turing classroom, and church
>>> classroom as well as receptacles in the turing and
>>> church classrooms.
>>>   the sub-panel in the dirty workshop provides power
>>> for receptacles in the dirty workshop. use singles for
>>> dedicated machines; use duplexes for handtools.
>>>   send me email off-list and we can coordinate a
>>> little better.
>>> jim
>>> On Thu, 2009-10-15 at 20:48 -0700, Aaron Stone wrote:
>>>> I just discovered noisebridge at the new space anniversary party two
>>>> weeks ago. I'd like to come help build out the space!
>>>> I'm handy with electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. I want to learn
>>>> Forth, fire dancing, and darkroom photo developing.
>>>> Are there scheduled build days I can jump into?
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Aaron
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