[Build] panel sizing was Re: New to noisebridge and looking to build

neil maclean neil at warmcove.org
Fri Oct 23 06:42:24 UTC 2009

Aaron Stone wrote:
> Awesome, thank you for sharing more info. I figured there was good
> thinking happening but since I was just looking at it all by myself, I
> needed to ask more questions to understand it.
> I do feel a, "Wait, wait, really?" coming on from the proximity of the
> panel to potentially wet food work spaces, though. I don't think
> that's a hot idea. It looked like there's going to be a center island
> with a counter top surrounding that column?
the plan is for the sink on the back wall of the kitchen while cutting, 
cooking and serving would occur on the island. Most of the serving and 
eating on the west side of the pillar, not on the south side where the 
panel is and where there is no plan for even a counter, just a walk 
through space.
I hope I get to come back and work soon.
I'm really under pressure on the film projection and broadcast until 
November though. Wow.



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