[Build] Build task list -- electrical RFC

jim jim at well.com
Wed Aug 11 01:59:20 UTC 2010

   RFC for electricity for the mini-construction site 
per tuesday walk-around with miloh: 
   there are five locations: 
* old toilet room 
* new ada lovelace toilet room 
* oven-sinks-etc area 
* washing station area 
* washing machine area 

   i propose: 
B1: all GFI receptacles are on a single black circuit, 
except oven-sinks-etc area. 
R1: all ceiling lights and fans as well as any 
under-counter lights are on a single red circuit. 
B2: GFI(s) for oven-sink-etc area are on a single 
black circuit (moveable dishwasher plugs into one of 
these, microwave into another...). 
R2: garbage disposal is on a single red circuit. 
220_1: either a black and red or a blue and white 
supply the oven. 
220_2: either a black and red or a blue and white 
supply the cooktop on the island. 
220_3: either a black and red or a blue and white 
supply the washer and dryer. 
220_4: either a black and red or a blue and white 
supply the photo development machine (that may be 
in with the washer and dryer or out in everyone's 
way outside of the darkroom. 

   possible exceptions: B2 may become B2A and B2B, 
separate circuits; washer and dryer may require 
separate 220 circuits. 

   miloh requests building out new runs before 
tearing out old runs. smart. 
   jim hopes nobody puts sheetrock over the existing 
electrical runs before we can fix them. 


On Mon, 2010-08-09 at 18:27 -0700, miloh wrote:
> Jim and all,
> I'll be here tomorrow during the day, would love to simplify the runs
> from the kitchen...
> > We had a small bathroom fan that was originally purchased for the
> > darkroom that wasn't strong enough (it's a standard bathroom fan) that
> > we gave you guys, so that should be around somewhere.
> I think that's the one in the supplies for the bathroom.  I put a fan
> and light on top of the toilet bowl and some other ADA bathroom
> supplies, south side of the turing/main hall classroom wall.
> >>> Add 220v run from kitchen breaker box to darkroom area (is it me, or
> >>> are there 3 phase 8 gauge supply lines to this box?)
> >
> > I assume you're thinking of the C41 machine, Miloh?
> Yah,
> Is there is a three phase wye connected hookup in the kitchen breaker
> box?  I don't think it would be impossible to get power from that
> without disrupting anything else, but I defer to experts.
> > I'll be around tomorrow evening, and next weekend to work on the duct
> > work for the darkroom.
> The roof isn't on the facilities area yet, it still may be difficult
> to run the duct without that --
> -ronald miloh alexander

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