[Build] electrical state as of 9 AM thursday 20100812

jim jim at well.com
Thu Aug 12 17:49:40 UTC 2010

   last night i blew a fuse in the basement shutoff box 
for the northwest sub-panel. the fuse controlled the 
red power leg. 
   this morning i replaced the blown fuse and put an 
additional fuse in the shutoff box. 
   NOTE: last night and this morning i shut off all 
power to the northwest sub-panel in order to replace 
the fuse. thus anything getting power from the 
northwest, southwest, or southeast sub-panels lost 
power for a few minutes last night and also this 

   here's topology and diagnosis tips: 

* in the basement there are two shutoff boxes, one for 
the northeast sub-panel (near the member shelves), the 
other for the northcentral sub-panel (just outside the 
entrance at the top of the stairs). 

* the northcentral sub-panel feeds no sub-panels and 
controls circuits for lights and receptacles along the 
north and east walls. 

* the northwest sub-panel feeds sub-panels in the dirty 
shop, sewing area (southwest sub-panel), and near the 
toilet and sink area (southeast sub-panel) as well as 
ceiling power tracks, a few receptacles, and lights 
in the western area of the space. 

* the southwest sub-panel is controlled by a two-pole 
breaker (i believe 40 Amps) in the northwest sub-panel. 
be sure it's breaker in the northwest sub-panel is on 
(switches point toward center of box),. 
* the southwest sub-panel controls receptacles near 
the sewing area, electronics area, rack and storage 
room, and darkroom. be sure all breaker switches in 
the southwest sub-panel point toward the center of the 
box (the on position). if any receptacles test hot, 
then the black leg of the southwest sub-panel is hot. 
there's no way yet to test the red leg; i'll have to 
hook up a light circuit or two to be able to do this 
(plan is for lights above the electronics area, and 
possibly the sewing area). 

* the dirty shop sub-panel shutoff is controlled by a 
three-pole breaker at the bottom right of the 
northwest sub-panel, which is off (switches point to 
the outside of the sub-panel box) and should remain 
* the dirty shop sub-panel currently does not control 
any circuits. 

* the southeast sub-panel shutoff is controlled by a 
three-pole breaker at the bottom left of the northwest 
sub-panel, which should be on (switches point toward 
the center of the sub-panel box). 
* the southeast sub-panel controls circuits around the 
center island as well as the various sink and toilet 
areas. all breakers (as of this writing, thursday 
20100812) should be on (switches point toward the 
center of the box). the receptacle in the single-gang 
handy box near the oven should be hot (and is there 
for the refrigerator). 

   i'll be out of town for a little over a week, 
starting today, and back monday 20100823 or tuesday 

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