[Build] Ventilated area at NB?

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Sun Feb 14 16:10:44 UTC 2010

I had a propposed plan to put in a general vent duct that would pull air 
out for the kitchen, bathroom, dark room, and electronics area.

I also wanted to put in a fresh air vent that would let us pull in outside 
air.  However we freaked out a bit at the heating/cooling guy who was 
going to help us and he hasn't talked to me since.  I will try pinging him 
again or find another HVAC expert.


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On Sun, 14 Feb 2010, Kelly wrote:

> Just putting this out there because I've been mulling it over and I
> actually haven't come up with a solution.  And since I'm sure that
> there's plenty of folks on-list who have a solution to spout about...
> It occurs to me that we're building in ducts and ventilation for the
> darkroom and bathroom and that there are a few activities that require
> ventilation but don't fit will in either of those rooms.  The rest of
> noisebridge is really badly ventilated, and that kind of makes sense
> given our heat retention problem.  But have you ever been in the space
> when someone paints something? And I'm planning to experiment with
> latex glue...
> I think that we've got me covered for all of the other chemical play I
> can think of--the darkroom will probably be our de facto chem lab.
> And any cleaning product related fumes would obviously be fine in the
> bathroom, but I can't really think of a good place to spray paint or
> do something with glue.  Is there any reasonable workspace for
> shop-like activities that could be ventilated? Maybe once the kitchen
> is all finished off we could set something up next to the windows
> below the DJ booth where the temp-kitchen is.  That wouldn't be so
> great for classroom Church potentially.
> And I'm sure this would revive the fantasy anyway so I might as well
> mention that roofing and ventilating the shop would really take care
> of this nicely.  Too bad the shop isn't located in Church. Ooopsies.
> I'm sure there are other reasons for that, right?  Anyway. Too late
> now.
> So. Ideas?
> -K
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