[Build] Ventilated area at NB?

jim jim at well.com
Sun Feb 14 16:48:24 UTC 2010

   i recall a couple of issues re the plan for venting 
the entire noisebridge space: 
* the plan was to draw in from the eastern windows 
despite the idea that the wind blows from the west and 
creates a low-pressure area at the eastern surface of 
the building exterior. 
   note that airflow in the space comes from the western 
windows and up the stairs from mission street, sometimes 
quite strongly. i'm not aware of any time that air has 
naturally came in from the eastern windows and out the 
western windows. 
* the motor that was suggested to drive the venting 
system was powerful, sufficient to do the job, but at 
the cost of a lot of electrical power, i.e. potentially 
raising our PG&E bill significantly. 

   currently it seems that the little fans for the bath 
and toilet rooms and the darkroom will draw out of those 
areas and vent to the eastern windows. 
   if, for example, the "dj booth" can be used as a 
"stinky fumes booth" for coating projects and other, a 
small local fan that draws out of that room and vents 
out the eastern windows would probably be sufficient. 

On Sun, 2010-02-14 at 08:10 -0800, Ben Kochie wrote:
> I had a propposed plan to put in a general vent duct that would pull air 
> out for the kitchen, bathroom, dark room, and electronics area.
> I also wanted to put in a fresh air vent that would let us pull in outside 
> air.  However we freaked out a bit at the heating/cooling guy who was 
> going to help us and he hasn't talked to me since.  I will try pinging him 
> again or find another HVAC expert.
> -ben
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> On Sun, 14 Feb 2010, Kelly wrote:
> > Just putting this out there because I've been mulling it over and I
> > actually haven't come up with a solution.  And since I'm sure that
> > there's plenty of folks on-list who have a solution to spout about...
> >
> > It occurs to me that we're building in ducts and ventilation for the
> > darkroom and bathroom and that there are a few activities that require
> > ventilation but don't fit will in either of those rooms.  The rest of
> > noisebridge is really badly ventilated, and that kind of makes sense
> > given our heat retention problem.  But have you ever been in the space
> > when someone paints something? And I'm planning to experiment with
> > latex glue...
> >
> > I think that we've got me covered for all of the other chemical play I
> > can think of--the darkroom will probably be our de facto chem lab.
> > And any cleaning product related fumes would obviously be fine in the
> > bathroom, but I can't really think of a good place to spray paint or
> > do something with glue.  Is there any reasonable workspace for
> > shop-like activities that could be ventilated? Maybe once the kitchen
> > is all finished off we could set something up next to the windows
> > below the DJ booth where the temp-kitchen is.  That wouldn't be so
> > great for classroom Church potentially.
> >
> > And I'm sure this would revive the fantasy anyway so I might as well
> > mention that roofing and ventilating the shop would really take care
> > of this nicely.  Too bad the shop isn't located in Church. Ooopsies.
> > I'm sure there are other reasons for that, right?  Anyway. Too late
> > now.
> >
> > So. Ideas?
> >
> > -K
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