[Build] Plumbing Update

Jeffrey Malone ieatlint at tehinterweb.com
Fri Feb 26 20:37:37 UTC 2010

Hey all..

Scott and Zedd did an impressive amount of work Thursday on the
plumbing for the kitchen and new bathroom.
In doing so, most of Thursday saw no water in the space (so no
bathroom working at all).

Unfortunately, despite them working for over twelve hours, the
plumbing is at present not done.  Only the original toilet is
currently working -- we at present have no sink.
I repeat, Noisebridge at time of writing has NO SINK at all.  Not in
the bathroom, not in the kitchen.  The toilet works.  Yes, sorry for
the unsanitary condition this is in.  It is very temporary.

The drains for both sinks should be working (although the kitchen sink
drain is untested), for whatever help that is.
There is a lot of new visible copper piping going around, including a
ball switch that is on the bathroom wall.  Obviously you shouldn't
move that switch (which is currently off, but water runs to it), as
leaks are currently present in the other pipes.

What needs to be done to get the sinks working in the space with cold water:

Both sinks:
There are a number of leaks in the truly crappy soldering job that I
can proudly take blame in -- these need to be found and fixed.

Bathroom sink:
There is a shunt going through the bathroom wall that is capped off.
The cap needs to be removed, and the sink connected to it.

Kitchen sink:
The pressure seal valve connected to the sinks faucets appeared to be
leaking.  This will need to be reseated properly.
The hoses for the faucets need to be attached to the pressure seal valve.

Overall, it's small amount of work.  However, for hot water, there is
still a bit to be done, including running much of the pipe and
electricity to the heater itself.
I believe either Zedd or Scott will be around today (or "early"
tomorrow) to get the cold water running, so we will have sinks to wash

Either way, we should all really thank both of them, as they really
put in much more than a full day yesterday and made a lot of progress
on some really not fun work.


Oh, and a couple other notes...

This is for reference now and in the future:
Our water shut off valve is in the basement.  There's a "room" in
there with walls of hardware cloth (south end, just follow the south
wall from the elevator and you'll run into it).  There are two valves
somewhat in the middle of the room, above your head (~10ft up).  One
has a red rag near it, the other a white.  Ours is the one with the
white rag, the second floor is red.
Turning this valve off will shut down water to just our floor.  If a
leak occurs to the toilet of the original bathroom, or before the
valve installed at shoulder height in the ADA bathroom, you need to
shut this off.  Any leaks on the other side of that (including to the
sink in the original bathroom) should not use the valve in the
basement, but the shutoff valve in the ADA compliant bathroom.

At time of writing, the basement valve is half on (in order to test
our soldering without quite as much water spraying) -- this should be
fixed when work on the plumbing resumes.  The valve in the ADA
compliant bathroom is off and SHOULD NOT BE TURNED ON, lest you want
to see a lot of water spray around, and have some very pissed off

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