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John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Thu Jan 14 07:43:46 UTC 2010

* dpc <weasel at meer.net> [100113 19:33]:
> Kelly <hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com> writes:
>> The new library shelving would be going between the windows, right?
> the plan that i recall was between the mission-side windows and a sort
> of low-ish shelf at the sill level of the windows extending down but not
> to the floor (to allow a little foot room and room for dust bunnies).

Yes, that was the idea. Apologies for not getting to this earlier...
what free time I have available to spend at Noisebridge I've been
using to work on organizing the shop. The between-the-windows scheme
would require anchoring stuff into the concrete & so forth. Some of
the general concerns I've heard brought up with respect to the space
in the West end of the building:

* Electronic projects are spilling over into the sewing area
* Need for more space for people to sit & focus on individual
  projects (as apposed to just the couches which can end up
  being more social-circle-esque)
* Where should the books go?

My general thoughts with regard to the 'library space' project
have been that it would involve:

* Tidying up the books & storing them more space efficiently
* An area for people to sit & focus with a book, laptop, etc..
  kinda like what a real library offers (but with quietude
  provided via the end-user's noise-canceling headphones)

There are a number of ways we could address the above issues. For
example, perhaps we could find some used bookshelves & set them up
like partitions (well-supported so as to not be topple-threats) to
achieve some delineation between spaces? Anyhow, rather than try to
hash it out here on-list, how about if some number of us folks w/
concerns about how to deal with this end of the building & a desire
to do something about it meet up this Friday? I'll be in the space
maybe as early as 3 or 4pm, until late.


John Magolske

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