[Build] Conduits towards darkroom

jim jim at well.com
Fri Jan 15 14:42:44 UTC 2010

   yes, jim at well.com is my email. thanks lots! 
you certainly have saved me some time. i'll 
be there today (friday 3 PM to 6 PM), though 
busy with other things, but able to check it 
out and answer questions if you're there. 
   there's plenty more to do, so if you like 
this kind of stuff, i'll be glad to work with 
you and show you what i know. 
   scott mills is probably more skilled and 
knowledgeable than i, so if you want to learn 
about electrical installation, he's a good 
one to hang with. 
   zedd knows electrical somewhat and is 
amazingly skilled in the construction trades 
in general--he's brought in the kitchen 
cabinets, done the tile work on the counter, 
done sheetrock, carpentry, plumbing; a lot 
like scott, though on the electrical front 
good enough but not really into it. 

On Thu, 2010-01-14 at 22:49 -0800, Ian Atha wrote:
> Hey Jim,
> (I'm not sure if jim at well.com is The Jim so I'm sending this to the
> list too to ensure coordination.)
> I installed a few more conduits towards the darkroom. I also made a
> 90deg bend to a pipe but I didn't install it--it's in the storage
> closet instead.
> The segment between the preexisting pipes and the skylight made the
> pipe kind of awkward but it's pretty straightened out at the end, I
> think. Hope I saved you some time.
> ian.

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