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jim jim at well.com
Tue Jan 19 07:35:58 UTC 2010

   there's a plan for the wires. read the entire text 
below before doing anything--that way you'll have the 
whole idea: better to know that before you start. 

   from the four square box in the storage room to the 
octal box over the door to the darkroom, pull one each 
of white, red, black number 12. use the wires that are 
in the boxes along the wall (read the printing on the 
side of the wire--look for 12 AWG). be careful to get 
lengths that are long enough: the length of the pipe 
plus ten inches at each end plus an extra 12 inches. 
   each length of pipe is ten feet. the four square box 
in the ceiling is four inches, but you should wrap a 
couple of loops or wire inside the ceiling four square 
box (hence the extra 12 inches). 

   stretch the three wires out on the floor (measure 
again to be sure they're plenty long enough). 
   pick a color and double an inch or so back on itself, 
and tape it to hold the bend leaving the bend itself 
   pick another color, butt its end against the folded 
back end of the first piece, and tape the two lengths 
together to cover the butt joint. 
   lay the last length along side the first two but a 
little bit behind the butt joint and wrap tape around 
all three wires with enough wraps to ensure they don't 
come apart. 

   go to the four square box in the storage room and 
push the exposed bend into the empty pipe run to the 
   push, push, push, push, push... until the wires 
stick out of the square box in the ceiling. 
   you'll probably have to get up on a ladder and pull 
the wires gently to ensure they point out of the box. 
   then back to the storage room four square box and 
push, push, push, push... until you've pushed enough 
wires to reach the octal box over the darkroom door. 
there should be at least ten inches of each of the 
three wires sticking out of the four square box in the 
storage room. 
   then back up on the ladder and push the exposed 
bend into the pipe that connects to the octal box over 
the darkroom door; make sure there's enough wire that 
you can fold a couple of loops inside the ceiling four 
square box and at least ten inches of each wire 
sticking out of the octal box over the darkroom door. 
   that's it for that pipe run. 

   after you get that far, let me know, 'specially if 
you want to start feeding the wire from the southwest 
sub-panel to the storage room. that'll be pretty 
different work, so don't just start doing before you 
learn the plan and the new techniques. 

with great thanks, 

On Mon, 2010-01-18 at 18:01 -0800, Ian Atha wrote:
> The conduit from the supply closet to the darkroom is now complete. I
> will eventually replace one of the ceiling-facing brackets with a
> toggle bolt purely to be on the safe side.
> Someone should look at it and make sure there isn't anything that
> blatantly violates the relevant safety codes.
> If someone is willing to show me how to do the electrical wiring (and
> is permitted to touch darkroom-related matters) I'd be willing to do
> that too.
> In an unrelated matter, a number of preexisting pipes and conduits
> have brackets that are about to fall off. (I touched one of them and
> it actually fell down). I will eventually replace them with toggle
> bolts and caulk up the holes.
> ian.
> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 06:42, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:
> >
> >   yes, jim at well.com is my email. thanks lots!
> > you certainly have saved me some time. i'll
> > be there today (friday 3 PM to 6 PM), though
> > busy with other things, but able to check it
> > out and answer questions if you're there.
> >   there's plenty more to do, so if you like
> > this kind of stuff, i'll be glad to work with
> > you and show you what i know.
> >   scott mills is probably more skilled and
> > knowledgeable than i, so if you want to learn
> > about electrical installation, he's a good
> > one to hang with.
> >   zedd knows electrical somewhat and is
> > amazingly skilled in the construction trades
> > in general--he's brought in the kitchen
> > cabinets, done the tile work on the counter,
> > done sheetrock, carpentry, plumbing; a lot
> > like scott, though on the electrical front
> > good enough but not really into it.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > On Thu, 2010-01-14 at 22:49 -0800, Ian Atha wrote:
> >> Hey Jim,
> >>
> >> (I'm not sure if jim at well.com is The Jim so I'm sending this to the
> >> list too to ensure coordination.)
> >>
> >> I installed a few more conduits towards the darkroom. I also made a
> >> 90deg bend to a pipe but I didn't install it--it's in the storage
> >> closet instead.
> >> The segment between the preexisting pipes and the skylight made the
> >> pipe kind of awkward but it's pretty straightened out at the end, I
> >> think. Hope I saved you some time.
> >>
> >> ian.
> >>
> >
> >
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