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Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 07:07:56 UTC 2010

In organizing the electronics & consolidating things, I'll probably have a
few extra sets of little drawer cabinets.  I thought they might be useful in
the shop.  I'll put some in there and if they don't get filled eventually
they'll probably go elsewhere.


On Dec 19, 2009 3:54 PM, "John Magolske" <listmail at b79.net> wrote:

Last night myself and Micheal Kan continued with organizing the shop
area, getting it into a more usable shape. We put up a pegboard in
the work area over the red tool-chest things we picked up last month,
cleaned off the central work table, started clearing out the metal
shelves, and moved the piles of scrap lumber out of the elevator room
onto those shelves.

In moving the wood to the shop, we attempted to organize it by type
and size. This was a rough first-pass attempt. The hope is to maintain
and evolve a somewhat orderly & usable system over time, using these
shelves & their surrounding area for the storage of materials.

Some related thoughts:

* It would be good to keep the elevator room relatively clear
 so that folks using the elevator to get in & out of the space
 needn't navigate excess clutter.

* When using the shop, please try to clean up after your creative
 adventures, leave work-surfaces clean & clear, etc, so that the
 next person experiences maximal flow while pursuing their creative
 adventures. I realize organizational systems in the shop are still
 somewhat in disarray ('tis hard to know where things go, etc.),
 but we hope to improve this situation by January, putting up more
 shelves, sorting stuff into bins, lots of labeling, signage, etc.

* Folks who use the shop area and/or have need to deal with depositing
 and retrieving lumber & stuff for buildout-related activities may
 have thoughts & suggestions...please pass them along (ie, not
 everything will or should fit into the shop area). I am interested
 in implementing general storage rack solutions.

* Please try to leave the more choice bits of lumber for use in
 building out 2169. This way when someone is laboring in the space
 trying to make it more usable for all in their (too often limited)
 free time, they can spend less time running around to lumber stores.


John Magolske
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