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Subject: Re: wiring to the darkroom
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 09:30:41 -0800

   thanks mainly to peter, we got the darkroom wired 
and "closed up". thanks mainly to ian we got the pipes 
up and wired from the storage room to the darkroom. 

   what's left to do is to connect the darkroom to 
the southwest sub-panel, and that work is nearly done: 
1. pull one last set of wires from a box near the 
electronics work area up a pipe to a ceiling box and 
connect those wires to the wires that are in place. 
2. test for possible short circuits and other 
3. connect the wires to the circuit breakers in the 
southwset sub-panel and turn power on. 

   the job of getting the wires up the pipe to the 
ceiling box will likely need two persons. everything 
else is a one-person job, and if no short circuits 
or other problems show up, completion will be a 
matter of less than one hour. 

   it's possible that i can come down on sunday 
afternoon, tho' i can't say for sure as i'm working 
on a project that i have to deliver this weekend. 
   i suggest we be alert to the possibility of 
working together this sunday afternoon. i don't 
believe i have contact info other than email. you 
can call my cellphone sunday after about 1 PM if 
you wish or just look for email i'll send out a 
little before noon (i have a phone meeting at noon, 
probably will take 30 minutes or so). 

415 823 4590 my cellphone 

On Fri, 2010-01-29 at 22:30 -0800, Kelly wrote:
> It looks like you were running some new conduit? Ian said that there
> were wires all the way to the darkroom at one point but it looks like
> right now you're in the middle of running a second line.
> Can you keep us posted?  I'll be around tonight (well, now), tomorrow
> mid-day, and Sunday afternoon if you need any help.  Josh and I have a
> couple of electrical photography things we want to try out in the dark
> room once it's wired up.
> -K

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