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jim jim at well.com
Thu Jul 22 19:53:40 UTC 2010

   the guiding light seems to be a torch that's passed. 
frantisek seems the current holder. i believe frantisek 
will be around the space today (thursday) and has some 
plans to do something this weekend, too. 
   i'm interested in the build-out things, too. 
   i've mainly done electrical work and helped some 
with floors and sheetrock and painting. 

   seems to me the most important consideration is to 
get and keep several people involved--appeal regularly 
to get those who want to help as well as those who want 
to learn something of the trades. 
   as i understand the state of things, finishing the 
raw plumbing is the first thing to do: 
   this means undoing a few connections in the water 
supply (copper pipe) and replacing fittings with those 
that let us extend water supply to the shower, washing 
machine location, and the darkroom, and possibly one 
or two other things. 
   it also means finishing the drains and vents, don't 
forget the drain from the darkroom, which has to join 
the drain from the shower pan, and make sure the vent 
run near the washer-drier location is completed 
(probably run above to the main stack, which means 
cut out a portion of the stack and replace it with a 
hub that's got a two-inch input). 
   scott and zedd can confirm and correct my 

   NOTE: the area above this set of rooms, i believe, 
is meant for storage. i would remove the old plaster 
up there where necessary and fir out areas where lathe 
is missing, then rock over plaster where it's been 
left intact and lathe where plaster's removed. 
(properly, seems to me, we should remove all plaster 
and all lathe and put rock up on the bare studs, but 
i wouldn't bother up there.) 
   I would add some spacers between the joists above 
the ceiling and then put plywood on top of the 
joists and shellac the plywood (shellac is a reasonably 
good finish, dries real fast, can be painted later...). 

   there are a few things that can be done before the 
raw plumbing is completed, though not many: 
   remove any remaining old plaster, make a decision 
about removing lathe before putting on sheetrock. 
   put sheetrock up over areas where raw plumbing is 
completed or not to be installed. 

   after raw plumbing is done (copper is stubbed out 
where needed, drain and vent pipes are in place), then 
finish putting up the sheetrock and tape and mud. 
   NOTE: there's a plan to put a short wall up to 
protect the water heater from the shower. 
   NOTE: where electricity is in the walls, let it be. 
for any other electrical needs, plan them to be on the 
surface, not in the walls (it's a hacker space, not a 
rental apartment for mom and dad; pipes on the surface 
are much more easily extended or modified or repaired). 
please use black wires for receptacles and red wires 
for lights and appliances (and don't connect a black 
wire between a receptacle and a red supply wire or 
conversely--colors should be consistent from device 
to sub-panel). 
   it may be smart to prime and paint the rock at this 
point--i'd use pva primer and alkyd enamel (oil enamel 
resists water much better than water-based enamel). 

   after sheet rock is up (and painted): 
   extend any needed electrical runs, including pipes, 
boxes, wires, devices...,
   put in floor tiles and shower pan. 

   after floor tiles are in, install sinks and faucets 
(don't forget the darkroom sink and faucets), toilet, 
shower stall, washer and drier...
   also install doors and any cabinets and shelves. 
   install any trim (door casings...). 

   finish up any painting. 

On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 20:19 +0100, Max Rosenblum wrote:
> Hey All,
> I'm new to the space but have experience drywalling, tiling and
> plumbing...And boatbuilding?  I'd be pleased to dive in and help
> finish up the bathroom in any way you think useful.  I'm traveling
> back to S.F. right now and have some time next week.  Is there a
> regular build meeting or is the listserv it?
> Best,
> Max
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>         HI to All!
>         The Bathroom project.
>         Scott has made it today, checking the situation. He may be
>         able to
>         come tomorrow (Thursday) around 5 pm and it would be great if
>         someone
>         could be with him and help him! I'm out and Raquel is busy
>         too,
>         unfortunately.
>         However the big day is going to be Sunday. We will have lunch
>         at 1 pm
>         and after that we will start to rock and roll working under
>         Scott
>         supervision. I'll take care about drinks and food in advance
>         so we are
>         not hungry and dry!
>         I hope to see as many of you as possible, there is a plenty of
>         work
>         which can be done in the Church classroom and in the Tea room
>         too, so
>         do not worry that your abilities and time will be wasted!
>         Please let
>         me know by email if you can make it.
>         See you all soon,
>         Sincerely,
>         Frantisek
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