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John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Mon Jun 28 06:36:47 UTC 2010

* Ben Kochie <ben at nerp.net> [100627 22:26]:
> Doors: I would like to find some heavy/noise dampening double
> doors that don't need a threshold.

What about those transparent strips of heavy, flexible plastic
(I think that are maybe on refrigerated rooms). Not sure how pricey
they are, but seems like that could be a simple option. They'd also
let light & visibility through.

> Dust collector: Even an old furnace blower with a air filter would be
> good to help keep the dust levels down in the shop/space.

I donated the Fein shop-vac for this purpose. It has a 120v power
receptacle and a switched mode so that you can plug a sander, saw or
other power tool into it and the vacuum will come on when the tool is
powered up. As long as the tool has an exhaust port the vacuum hose
can be attached to (with a rubber coupling-hose...I think I have one
laying around) this could go a long ways towards keeping the dust
down. It even has a HEPA filter.

This seems to be it (I think they're $300 new):

I have one or two more bags for this shop-vac at home, didn't want to
leave them at Nb & have them get lost/misplaced...I'll bring them in
at some point. We should probably order some more too.

> I'd also like to finish cleanup the lighting/electrical around the celing 
> in the shop space.

That would be awesome. Are those stray Cat5 cables still wandering

> I also think it would be good to layer the inside walls of the shop with 
> plywood.  This would make for easier hanging of tool organization.

At the last work party Erin organized I attached wood strips to the
floor to make a sheet-stock rack. Scott found a piece of MDF that I
attached to one end, and the plan is to put a sheet of plywood on the
face of it (coplanar with the front of the metal shelving) for the
purpose of hanging tools, storage bins, etc. I've been meaning to
work on finishing that, put up the other peg-board, and finish other
improvements, but have been pulled away towards other things in life
as of late. If more folks are interested in doing improvements to the
shop space, I'd be encouraged to re-prioritize my time & join in to
continue with helping get it into more usable shape.

Oh, and one more thought regarding the name dirty shop...
While signs were being made at the last work party, I suggested the
name MatFab (Material Fabrication) zone. Of course anyone can & will
call it whatever they like, but I always thought that "dirty shop"
maybe wasn't the best name, as it seems to put the focus on being
messy. While it's fine (and often necessary) to make a glorious
creative mess, too often folks tend to leave that mess for someone
else to wade through. I was coming in on Fridays to make improvements
to the shop space for a while, and almost every time I'd have to
spend at least half an hour cleaning up other people's mess. Anyhow,
I figured the fabricating of material objects might define the space
more-so than just being dirty.


John Magolske

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