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jim jim at well.com
Mon Jun 28 17:33:18 UTC 2010

   i bought electrical stuff for the dirty shop, 
some of which (i hope) is sitting on the top of 
the dedicated sub-panel, some of which is in the 
storage-rack room. 
   the idea is to power all shop lights and 
outlets from the sub-panel: 
   * run conduit from the sub-panel around the 
perimeter of the interior, probably up near the 
tops of the walls, dropping pipe down at 
various locations to provide outlets and 
   * outlets would be of two types: general 
purpose and dedicated. general purpose are 
duplexes for light-load hand tools. dedicated 
are single receptacles for higher amperage, 
in-place tools (e.g. radial arm saw...). 
   * lights should be reconfigured, maybe use 
some of the existing flourescents but re-hang 
them in best locations, maybe install some 
fixtures to provide spot lighting for work 
   * switches can be distributed so's to 
control work area as well as general lights. 
   * there's the idea of having an emergency 
shutoff switch, too, possibly one for each 
dedicated receptacle and one for each general 
purpose circuit. 
   * probably good to redo the power track 
so's to drop receptacles on cords for use 
at the table(s) in the center of the room. 
this might entail rehanging one or more 
tracks and certainly rewiring so's to power
the tracks from the dedicated sub-panel 
rather than from the primary sub-panels that 
are currently powering them. 
   * note policy is to use "black" circuits 
for all receptacles and "red" circuits for 
lights and built-in appliances. the point is 
to keep lights separate, as the likelihood 
of short-circuits is with receptacles: if 
there's a short-circuit, it's good that the 
lights will still be on. 
   * i'm willing to help, including consider 
alternate ideas. i don't want to do all the 
work; i hope for help. probably i'm the one 
to install the conduit and junction boxes 
and others are the ones to pull wires, 
install receptacles and switches, hang 
lights.... this division of labor worked 
pretty well with the darkroom (biggest 
problem there was coordinating differing 

On Sun, 2010-06-27 at 22:23 -0700, Ben Kochie wrote:
> Nice work on the floors.  Next up I would like to lead a party to complete 
> some stuff on the dirty shop.
> * Single door install
> * Double door install
> * Dust collector/filter
> Details:
> Doors:
> I would like to find some heavy/noise dampening double doors that don't 
> need a threshold.  This way we can wheel large items in/out of the shop.
> Dust collector:
> Even an old furnace blower with a air filter would be good to help keep 
> the dust levels down in the shop/space.
> I'd also like to finish cleanup the lighting/electrical around the celing 
> in the shop space.
> I also think it would be good to layer the inside walls of the shop with 
> plywood.  This would make for easier hanging of tool organization.  I also 
> got a very good suggestion to make a tool layout/storage map like they use 
> at the bike kitchen.  This way if we find a tool sitting on a bench we can 
> easily clasify and put it away.
> -ben
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