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jim jim at well.com
Mon Jun 28 17:46:03 UTC 2010

   i'm interested in sound treatment. i see two 
   * isolation: extend the walls to reach the 
ceiling. how to deal with pipes on the ceiling 
and lights and power tracks? i say dismantle 
lights and power tracks so there's no "train" 
running through the dirty workshop space and 
build the extensions up to the ceiling itself, 
cutting around things that are tight to the 
ceiling (e.g. electrical conduit, emergency 
sprinkler pipes, probably good to install 
dedicated pipes for data and possibly other 
cables such as audio, 12VDC power...). 
   * baffling: install some kind(s) of sound 
absorbant thing-ums to walls and ceilings to 
reduce the resonance of banging and crashing 
and buzzing and roaring. 
   -- easiest is probably to address very high 
frequency stuff. 
   -- more difficult to address low-frequency 
stuff, as low frequencies tend to propagate 
mechanically (e.g. hammer stroke on anvil 
travels through table legs through floor 
throughout the rest of the space: attenuation 
is partly a matter of breaking that path, 
probably some kind of spongey thing between the 
anvil base and the table top, maybe also some 
kind of spongey thing between the table bottom 
and the floor--i guess this example is isolation 
rather than baffling). 

   i'm also interested in experimenting with 
baffling in the main space to see if baffling 
alone can help reduce sound transmission 
between various areas of the main space. 

On Sun, 2010-06-27 at 22:23 -0700, Ben Kochie wrote:
> Nice work on the floors.  Next up I would like to lead a party to complete 
> some stuff on the dirty shop.
> * Single door install
> * Double door install
> * Dust collector/filter
> Details:
> Doors:
> I would like to find some heavy/noise dampening double doors that don't 
> need a threshold.  This way we can wheel large items in/out of the shop.
> Dust collector:
> Even an old furnace blower with a air filter would be good to help keep 
> the dust levels down in the shop/space.
> I'd also like to finish cleanup the lighting/electrical around the celing 
> in the shop space.
> I also think it would be good to layer the inside walls of the shop with 
> plywood.  This would make for easier hanging of tool organization.  I also 
> got a very good suggestion to make a tool layout/storage map like they use 
> at the bike kitchen.  This way if we find a tool sitting on a bench we can 
> easily clasify and put it away.
> -ben
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