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Tue Jun 29 00:30:11 UTC 2010

Hey guys,
I read that some of you want to work on a little sound proofing for the
shop.There is a product called "Hushboard" by Georgia Pacific that is
basically compressed paper. It is fairly inexpensive and comes in a
1/2"x4'x8' sheet, it would need to be covered by drywall or plywood because
it alone doesn't meet fire ratings. It is normally used behind drywall as a
sound deadener, I have used it before and it works pretty good for the cost.
You are supposed to stagger the joints between layers to stop sound
transmission through the walls.
 Someone else mentioned plastic strips, they are expensive and really don't
block out much sound. The best thing to use would be solid core doors or
insulated exterior doors with windows so we could see inside the shop and
not clobber someone with the door when opening it. If we put a good sweep on
the bottoms of the doors that will help with the noise and dust and avoid
having a threshold at the bottom. The walls would have to extend up to the
ceiling otherwise it is pointless to try any sound proofing/deadening.
 Jim had a good idea about making baffles but I don't know if anyone has the
time or inclination to work on them, I am not sure how labor intensive they

_ Scott_
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