[Build] [Rack] Lighting layout

jim jim at well.com
Sun Nov 20 02:04:42 UTC 2011

    i think a separate lighting zone for the sewing 
area would be useful. maybe also for the northwest 
area too. 
    note the light switches very near the elevator 
entrance and the main stair entrance both control 
a single light above the elevator entrance--the idea 
is to extend the circuit so the switches also control 
a light above the main stair entrance and at least 
one light above where the desk sits, possibly an 
additional light toward the cooking area and another 
toward the western main area. 
    the purpose is mainly safety--a way to turn on 
sufficient light to find other light switches. 

On Sat, 2011-11-19 at 14:03 -0800, Ben Kochie wrote:
> Here's a proposed layout for retrofit tube fixtures.  This will allow us 
> to retrofit the least number of fixtures and keep an even background level 
> of lighting.
> http://ben.nerp.net/nb/2169_Mission-lighting_layout.png
> As for zones, I'm thinking
> - one  for each of the classrooms/shop
> - one for the south wall/hack shelves
> - one or two for the main area
> - one for the mid area/lounge
> - one for the kitchen area
> I'm still working on trying to convince the city people that simple 
> network controlled dimmers/relays are up to spec for rebates.  If not 
> they're cheap enough that we might just want to budget for them without 
> rebates.
> -ben
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