[Build] building the pony walls for the classroms and woodshop 25-26 Nov

bandit bandit at cruzio.com
Wed Nov 23 17:21:22 UTC 2011


my name is bandit - I have had the pleasure of visiting the last couple of
I live in Albuquerque and am a member of Quelab.net
I happen to have a several month engineering gig in Hayward.

I heard-tell y'all are going to build pony walls above the workshop and
to cut down on the noise and dust.
This is supposed to be the Fri/sat after thanksgiving (ie 25-26 Nov).
Since I build houses for a hobby, and am looking for something to do those
I am happy to come up and (ahem) lend a hand.
It would be most fine (ie save me a late-night/early-morning shlep on BART)
if I had someplace to crash Fri night - a floor or couch is fine, I will
supply the sleeping bag/etc.
(Not a deal breaker, but *very* welcome.)

Can someone please contact me off the list?
bandit at cruzio.com (can check on Wednesday)
505-228-8197 (cell)

I have minimal tools - pouch, hammer, tape measure.

Thanks ... bandit

How much is the kit for
>  LEDcube (animated 3D cube of LEDs!)

bandit at cruzio.com

I am a systems engineer, specializing in:
- Mission-Critical embedded systems
- device drivers
- control and data acquisition systems
My stuff *works* - *all the time*.

Member: INCOSE.org, PACA.org, IEEE.org, CaliforniaConsultants.org, quelab.net

And to support my son: Proud members of the New Mexico .NET User Group.
Please go to the community website at www.nmug.net.

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