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Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Mon Nov 28 22:44:00 UTC 2011

> dirty shop:
>    assuming the local sub-panel as the source of power
> in the dirty shop, because of the "columns" in the north
> wall, it's probably best to bring conduit up out of the
> sub-panel to the ceiling and then drop pipe down to the
> locations for receptacles and switches.
>    i'd planned to provide a single receptacle powered
> by a dedicated circuit for some particular high-powered
> tool (e.g. radial arm saw) along with a duplex receptacle,
> also powered by a dedicated circuit such that each "bay"
> has a single and a duplex for work in that area.
>    as to lights, first determine if we want both lights
> to be switched on as a pair or have each light separately
> switched. then, do we want three-way switches or a spst
> switch. bring conduit down from the ceiling to bring
> power to the switch(es). i think it's fine to have a
> single spst switch that controls both lights.

Since my plan is to eventually install zigbee/x10 and occupancy sensors in 
these rooms I think we should stick to all on/off per room, and one switch 
per room.

Also, we need to make sure we use larger wall boxes to accomodate the 
bulky relay controlled light switches.

> turing:
>    see what's on the ceiling and how to route conduit
> to a junction box "up there" between the two lights.
> bring pipe down to a single spst switch near the south
> wall entrance.
> church:
>    bring a new red and black from the box on the north
> wall along the wall to punch through to the church side
> of the east wall and then branch around the room to
> provide receptacles.
>    run pipe up to the ceiling to a junction box that
> powers the two lights (similar to the turing room) and
> drop a run of conduit down to the east-most part of the
> southern wall and locate a spst switch.
>    we have some conduit but not enough. probably good
> to establish if we need 3/4 pipe (maybe in the ceiling
> run in the dirty shop (i think so) then figure how much
> 3/4 we need and how much 1/2 inch we need, then inventory
> our existing stash of conduit then buy what we need (in
> bundles of ten 10 foot lengths).
>    we should establish the numbers of junction and other
> boxes along with straps and screws and couplings and
> connectors.
>    after we get the conduit up, we should inventory our
> wire stash _carefully_ with an eye to using the shortest
> lengths in pipe runs and save our longer lengths for
> longer runs.
>    the cost of #12 THHN wire is moving up toward $100.00
> for a single 500 foot role. if we buy one role, we should
> buy three, so we have a useful supply for white, red, and
> black runs.
>    i might be willing to buy the three roles for my own
> stash and give out as needed.
>    best to think out whether spending $250 to have a
> stash of 500 feet of wire is a good use of NB funds.
> On Mon, 2011-11-28 at 10:00 -0800, Ben Kochie wrote:
>> http://ben.nerp.net/nb/2169_Mission-lighting_layout.png
>> Although, I was thinking about 3 fixtures in the shop.
>> -ben
>> On Mon, 28 Nov 2011, jim wrote:
>>>    i'll bring mine. what we need before using the bender
>>> is a plan.
>>> On Sun, 2011-11-27 at 23:18 -0800, Ben Kochie wrote:
>>>> What we need right now is a conduit bender so we can get to work on the lights.
>>>> On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 23:17, Mike Schachter <mike at mindmech.com> wrote:
>>>>> Hey Shannon, thanks to you and everyone else
>>>>> for improving the space! I've been a long time
>>>>> Church room enthusiast and was gonna use it
>>>>> to give a little workshop tomorrow around 7pm,
>>>>> but if it's in disarray I'd rather show up and help
>>>>> out with something. So if there's a task I could
>>>>> take on let me know. Like, what are some basic
>>>>> things the Church room needs at this point, or
>>>>> will by tomorrow night?
>>>>>  mike
>>>>> On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 8:29 PM, Shannon Lee <shannon at scatter.com> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Noisebridge,
>>>>>> The walls around both classrooms and the shop have been extended to the
>>>>>> ceiling.
>>>>>> Sheetrocking is complete; mudding & taping was ongoing when I left a couple
>>>>>> of hours ago, but everything was winding down, and I suspect that it's done
>>>>>> for the night; when last I looked, Church and Turing were mudded, and much
>>>>>> of the outside was mudded; the shop still needs to be mudded inside and out.
>>>>>>  I will likely not be back to this until this weekend, but anyone else who
>>>>>> wants to mud is more than welcome to do so; and of course, after mudding
>>>>>> comes sanding, and after sanding comes...
>>>>>> Painting:
>>>>>> We bought a 5 gallon bucket of primer, which I plan to put up sometime,
>>>>>> maybe next weekend; but honestly, we really, really don't need any more vast
>>>>>> expanses of white walls.  Someone who has a Vision of what the walls should
>>>>>> look like, and the artistic skill to execute said vision, should make them
>>>>>> be something other than white.  We really need some color on those walls.
>>>>>>  Murals are totally welcome, simple non-white color schemes are equally
>>>>>> welcome, but someone for God's sake do something.
>>>>>> Power and Lights:
>>>>>> Turing and Church are without light.  The shop has the light over the
>>>>>> central work bench, and during the day is well-served by its skylight, but
>>>>>> at night it's very dark. The neon lighting which has been serving the
>>>>>> classrooms and the shop was in two long banks of lights which ran
>>>>>> continuously over the three rooms; they had to be broken up in order to
>>>>>> allow for walls to be installed.  I understand that there's a plan in place
>>>>>> to make the remaining lights light up; Jim even expressed a revolutionary
>>>>>> idea whereby the lights in a particular room would be controlled by a switch
>>>>>> *in that room* so that the people occupying the room could control their
>>>>>> need for artifical light.
>>>>>> The power rail above the table in the shop is still powered; the rail has
>>>>>> been removed from Church and Turing -- again, to make way for walls.  Turing
>>>>>> is well-served by its own 20-amp circuit and a *lot* of outlets at various
>>>>>> convenient leves; Chuch, however, currently has no power of any kind.  I
>>>>>> believe there is a plot afoot to power it, as well as to mount a projector
>>>>>> and projector screen back there.
>>>>>> If you'd like to be involved in getting power and lights where power and
>>>>>> lights should go, I refer you to Jim's missive on the topic in a previous
>>>>>> email thread, as well as to Jim, SuperQ and Miloh, who are all variously
>>>>>> working on this stuff.
>>>>>> Doors:
>>>>>> Doors are needed for the shop, and possibly for Turing and the Turing-Church
>>>>>> Intra-Classroom Door.  The big doorway leading to the shop needs (ideally)
>>>>>> double swinging doors, of the type you find in restraunt kitchen and
>>>>>> hospital settings; the other doors should all (in the best of all possible
>>>>>> worlds) have portholes, or windows, or be made of glass, because nobody
>>>>>> wants to have their class or meeting constantly interrupted by people
>>>>>> opening the door to see if anybody's in there.  SuperQ is at work on the
>>>>>> door problem; feel free to contact him.
>>>>>> Lots of people showed up this weekend to help out, more than I can name
>>>>>> here, but including a one-armed Bandit, a small army of purple-haired women,
>>>>>> and an stray 9-year-old girl who came in with her parents after having heard
>>>>>> Mitch on NPR and was put to work mudding.  Kaya deserves a special shout-out
>>>>>> for the use of her truck for hauling everything; Danny for getting this
>>>>>> moving, and for paying for a lot of it; and Jurgen and Zack for basic
>>>>>> unflappability.
>>>>>> As I said, many more people were involved to one extent or another, and I
>>>>>> can think of at least one person whose name I've just flat forgotten; thank
>>>>>> you to all of you for having shown up and Just Done It when it needed to
>>>>>> Just Be Done.
>>>>>> There is more still to Just Do; if you want a task, just ask, and one shall
>>>>>> be given.
>>>>>> --S
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