[Build] [Noisebridge-discuss] Wall idea for classroom

Ben Mushol ben at sixgirls.org
Tue Nov 29 20:17:18 UTC 2011

It looks exactly like a Wartenberg wheel. I rememebered more about how it 
was used. It was used to trace murals onto frescos by Da Vinci era 
painters. The paper was removed after the chalk squirted and then the 
chalk outlines traced with charcoal and then painted. I can't remember how 
they used mirrors to reflect and enlarge flat art.

After sleeping on it I think it is better to have a single schematic on 
each wall and possibly the ceiling with a large white square in the most 
suitable location for a projector. I can't so blatently rip off things 
I've previously seen so it probably shouldn't flow over walls and be at 
strange angles. I'm saving that for my hallway after I practice at NB. :P

I have found schematics for blue and red boxes and oscilloscopes. The 
lines should be black but it would be great to have certain functions IE: 
hot points or breaks to be red, blue and yellow to add a little color to 
the piece. I do not know enough about electrical engineering to know what 
is important. Suggestions are requested.

Considering the need for a screen, regular pull down projection screens, 
huge ones like in the main area can be had for as little as $30. Has 
anyone searched on CL to acquire one?

I have never created a mural or one that can be moved. I'll be around 
tonight to hear thoughts on all of this and how it can accomodate noise 
reduction devices.

Also thank you to the person who brought the shop vac with the HEPA 

  On Tue, 29 Nov 2011, Jonathan Lassoff wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [Build] [Noisebridge-discuss] Wall idea for classroom
> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:55 PM, Ben Mushol <ben at sixgirls.org> wrote:
>> No actually it is a pen like device with a small wheel  attached to it by its rim. The wheel is a serrated star and you can use it to trace large objects from blown up copies and then spray powdered chalk through a nosed bottle at it. I'm not sure how it works.
> Hrm... interesting. So it's to perforate a filter/blocking material of
> some kind so as to spray chalk through it to mark a path?
> Your description reminds me of a Wartenberg wheel quite a bit.

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