[Build] last minute reboot party jiggery and pokery

daravinne daravinne at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 22:20:55 UTC 2014

if you are coming to help out with setting up for the reboot party, and you
find it within yourself to bring something to donate to the bar, that would
be much appreciated! we need: white and red wine, beers, mixers, basic hard
alcohols. ***must be sealed new bottles***

we are in need of a mixer/turntables/dj gear (we have speakers already)
since the technics we had are no longer with us.  if anyone is willing to
lend out for the evening that would also be much appreciated.

if you want to bring lights like christmas light strings or LEDs, and set
them up, that is also welcome, however make sure you clearly mark your
items and take them home at the end of the night!

our theme is going to be Under Construction (i decided that today,
actually) so wear your fun fur covered hard hats and el wire reflective
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