[Build] Sprucing up the classrooms

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Sun Aug 17 18:06:48 UTC 2014

I write this without really knowing what other works needs to be done (I
imagine neither classroom has proper installed lighting yet), so if it's
untimely to talk about me throwing money at projectors and touch panels
in a month, I'll avoid the subject till later.


The projector in Church is on its last leg, it's also got a really low

When I get paid next I would most likely be happy to buy Noisebridge two
new 720p projectors for both of the classrooms to be
permanently/semi-professionally mounted. I would also run cables to
outlet boxes like this near the front of the class...


So that if a cable goes missing, you only need something that's 6ft or
12ft to replace it, instead of something that's long as hell, or to be
forced to stick your laptop on a chair on a table under the projector.
Most likely I think I'll buy a couple of 12ft cables and anchor them to
the wall, also forcefully attach an HDMI to displayport adapter to it.
And most likely add in a pair of Chromecasts there to make it even
easier to stream slides or a browser session to the projectors.

I don't know where the projectors will exactly get mounted, but I'm
hoping that if electrical isn't done yet in the classrooms, that if
possible someone could run outlets up and to the rear where a projector
might go? I will most likely reuse the mount inside of Church. For
Turing I might just get a hanging off of the wall mount and put it dead
center but up a little high.

It sounds like that projector that was in the hackatorium got lifted? I
want to avoid acquiring a new one for that area until you've all figured
out where you want to mount the screen and how any of that works.


I was then thinking back to our previous grand plan of using those
industrial 15" VGA monitors for in wall kiosk type things. The original
plan to reboot them was to replace them all with cheap 6 - 7" Android
tablets setup in some sort of browser kiosk mode. The ones sitting
directly outside of the two classrooms would also display what upcoming
classes were happening for that day.


Anyhow, if someone's crafty enough to build some sort of hard to steal
tablet enclosure for these, and then our wiki magically gains the
ability to intelligently schedule classes (like Leif had planned to do
years ago), I would be happy to buy a hand full of these to scatter
through the space and make it look like we're from the future again.

rubin at starset.net

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