[Build] Sprucing up the classrooms

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Mon Aug 18 02:24:31 UTC 2014

I have been sucking at the reply all game recently...

Mitch Altman wrote on 2014-08-17 13:41:
> I think Shannon took the Hackitorium projector to a place for safe 
> keeping during the Reboot.

Good to know. I'd like to do the same treatment for cables with this as
I'm doing in the classrooms, and run it all to a conduit box with a
proper panel.

> Does anyone know what happen to the many flat screen panels that Dr. 
> Jesus bought back in 2009?  There was a big trunk full of them.  We 
> paid, like, $1,200 for them, as I remember.  It'd be cool if those 
> were available (assuming they are useable).

The panels were kind of a huge pain in the ass. Nils worked on Linux
drivers for the touch digitizer that was a little finicky. We had to
netboot special machines for the whole deal, in some particular order.
They got pissy when the power got shut off, and they're VGA only. Many
of these reasons and others are why the panels never really did anything
interesting as no one wanted to deal with the headache. I think they
could be better utilized in other projects than getting reinstalled.

> If we need to buy Android tablets to do the cool panels-all-over 
> Noisebridge thing:


Yeah, I'm pretty sure the ones on amazon for $50 are getting shipped
from China. getting them for $15 cheaper would be nice but at that price
point it's honestly not that big of a deal.

Jeffrey Carl Faden wrote on 2014-08-17 13:53:
> I mentioned this over IRC, but I believe the Church projector's 
> flickering problem could possibly be solved with a good dusting. 
> That, of course, won't help its native XGA resolution.

I would say it's worth while to attempt to fix this projector, but not
to throw anymore money into it other than for a bulb. We could
re-purpose it for something other than the classroom, like ambient text
stuff above the front door (next bart/bus?).

> One thing worth noting about the outlets throughout the classrooms 
> is, the way the Church projector is powered on is sort of 
> rudimentary, but it works: unplug and re-plug the projector. That,
> of course, requires access to the plugs. If we wanted to do it some 
> other way, we'd need some sort of assurance that whatever remote or 
> not-so-remote controller turns the projector(s) on is securely 
> mounted.

Yeah I think if someone could 3d print a wall holster for the remotes,
I'll attach those to them and the wall with some square head screws.

> About HDMI to Mini-DisplayPort, there are a lot of computers without 
> either of those. Do you plan on providing access to VGA as well?

Most likely, unless I can't fit them both into the plastic conduit stuff
I'm going to use.

> Regardless of specifics, thanks for this contribution!


rubin at starset.net

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