[cloud] first post?

Ian ian at slumbrparty.com
Thu Jun 25 18:45:12 UTC 2009

either i'm not subscribed to this list or its the first post.

we had some great discussions on the distributed systems thread and i
would like to make it a weekly meeting. i'll tell you all what i want
to do and let me know if you're interested.

distributed, peer to peer, ad-hoc, and anonymous networks is a fairly
new topic and many people seem to be interested in it. having a
research oriented (read papers and discuss) seminar with plans for
implementing our own system or augment an existing one (freenode, tor,
etc) would be of great interest to me. i dont want to turn this into a
weekly class where people who know what they're doing present and
teach others. i love sharing knowledge, but to be honest, i want to
get more out of it. i want to collaborate. if there are enough people
who want to learn and who want to collaborate, i suggest we alternate
weeks for the group. one week someone does a presentation to cover
more basic stuff and existing technologies and the second week we have
the more "advanced" seminar type where we read a paper and discuss.
the second week will also be where we talk about this system we may

i am willing to (co)-run this group if it is not going to be just
teaching other people stuff every week.



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