[cloud] first post?

Jason Dusek jason.dusek at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 19:05:05 UTC 2009

2009/06/25 Ian <ian at slumbrparty.com>:
> either i'm not subscribed to this list or its the first post.

  You seem to be subscribed.

> ...having a research oriented (read papers and discuss)
> seminar with plans for implementing our own system or augment
> an existing one (freenode, tor, etc) would be of great
> interest to me. i dont want to turn this into a weekly class
> where people who know what they're doing present and teach
> others.
> [...snip...]

  My interests are very different from yours (and I think
  everyone else's) -- I'm interested in distributed transactions
  and the related areas of consistent routing, transaction
  sharding, distributed locks and unique naming.

  If we got a group together, I'd expect we'd all serve as a
  sounding board for one another's ideas; however, I don't
  expect anyone else to be interested in helping me write a
  transaction commit system. What has brought us together is a
  relatively vague recognition that we have distributed systems
  as a common point of interest; I expect we'd need a few
  meetings before subgroups of the initial group would gell into
  coherent collaborations. In short, I don't think we should
  start with any definite plans for collaboration. We should
  start with a challenging paper.

> i am willing to (co)-run this group if it is not going to be
> just teaching other people stuff every week.

  There will always be junior and senior members of every group.
  I find in the formal methods reading group, for example, that
  less proficient category theorists help the more senior
  practitioners stay honest -- we talk about (and disagree
  about) fundamentals that we might otherwise ignore.

  That said, I agree that structuring the group as a class would
  be less than ideal.

Jason Dusek

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