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Ian ian at slumbrparty.com
Thu Jun 25 19:25:32 UTC 2009

i agree with jason that we're not ready for a project. i think if it
happens it'll just fall out of these seminars. depending on how many
people are new to this field (if you are speak up), we'll see whether
having classes is worth it. i appreciate that some people are more
interested in distributed systems while others may be more interested
in decentralized networks. i think there is room for both of these
interests in this group.

i agree with shannon that we should meet up and just... shoot the
shit. see what people are interested in and where we go from there.



On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 12:15 PM, Shannon Lee<shannon at scatter.com> wrote:
> It sounds like what we have here is a seminar plus a project, or possibly
> two projects -- although it seems to me that Jason's interests form a subset
> of whatever project might come out of this group.
> Maybe the next thing to do is have a sit-down and talk through what we're
> interested in.  I'll be at Noisebridge tonight for a bit, if anybody wants
> to drop in; otherwise we can set up another time?
> --S
> On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 12:05 PM, Jason Dusek <jason.dusek at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2009/06/25 Ian <ian at slumbrparty.com>:
>> > either i'm not subscribed to this list or its the first post.
>>  You seem to be subscribed.
>> > ...having a research oriented (read papers and discuss)
>> > seminar with plans for implementing our own system or augment
>> > an existing one (freenode, tor, etc) would be of great
>> > interest to me. i dont want to turn this into a weekly class
>> > where people who know what they're doing present and teach
>> > others.
>> > [...snip...]
>>  My interests are very different from yours (and I think
>>  everyone else's) -- I'm interested in distributed transactions
>>  and the related areas of consistent routing, transaction
>>  sharding, distributed locks and unique naming.
>>  If we got a group together, I'd expect we'd all serve as a
>>  sounding board for one another's ideas; however, I don't
>>  expect anyone else to be interested in helping me write a
>>  transaction commit system. What has brought us together is a
>>  relatively vague recognition that we have distributed systems
>>  as a common point of interest; I expect we'd need a few
>>  meetings before subgroups of the initial group would gell into
>>  coherent collaborations. In short, I don't think we should
>>  start with any definite plans for collaboration. We should
>>  start with a challenging paper.
>> > i am willing to (co)-run this group if it is not going to be
>> > just teaching other people stuff every week.
>>  There will always be junior and senior members of every group.
>>  I find in the formal methods reading group, for example, that
>>  less proficient category theorists help the more senior
>>  practitioners stay honest -- we talk about (and disagree
>>  about) fundamentals that we might otherwise ignore.
>>  That said, I agree that structuring the group as a class would
>>  be less than ideal.
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