[Noisebridge-congress] Apartments in Berlin: documented

Ka-Ping Yee noisebridge at zesty.ca
Wed Dec 16 12:05:59 UTC 2009

Hi Matt,

> After seeing 3 1/2 "yes" responses to my email, I grabbed the cheapest 45m2
> room in that building, Friedrichs 3.  I see now the 'sardines' conversation
> continues hot and heavy, hope I didn't act rashly.

Now we have plenty of accommodation (at least until Dec 30).

> Recommend we reconfigure the Google
> Spreadsheet<http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ah9BHh2FVuu1dHhkcV9HVzZVdURBRFVMQVFqNE0xNmc&hl=en>a
> bit to clarify the bed-space / floor-space / which apartment question,
> since it's a long, hard to track email chain right now.  I've added details
> to the "Apartment" Tab, with just the minimum information needed.  Any
> objections? (Ping, you'll want to fill in your details if you agree)

Christie has added all our info to the hackerspaces wiki page -- many
thanks, Christie! -- so it seems like a good idea to organize there:


I've added the current costs for the six committed keyholders in
Friedrichs 13.  I'm open to swapping keyholders or adding floor sleepers;
please notify me so I can update the numbers.

Rubin, everybody wants you.  You have options. :)

-- ?!ng

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