[Noisebridge-congress] 30th Dec and on

Ka-Ping Yee noisebridge at zesty.ca
Wed Dec 16 23:20:00 UTC 2009

Hi Leif and Rubin,

I see you're both on the Friedrich's 13 list -- please find a keyholder
who is willing to share their key with you and pay your share.  Once you
let me know who that is, I'll update the costs (which will decrease when
you're factored in).  (The basic idea is that I'm collecting money only
from keyholders.  In case you missed my earlier message, it's here:


On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, Leif Ryge wrote:
> I'm a little late making plans. I'm flying in on the 25th/26th and
> flying out on the 6th. I'm willing to sleep on a floor, and have
> accordingly added my name to
> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hacker_Hostel_Berlin_2009/10#Second_Apartment_-_Friedrich.27s_13
>  but I would also be willing to pay more and get a bed if one is
> available. Not sure what my plans are after the 30th.

Leif, you may want to check with Audrey; earlier in this thread, she
expressed interest in paying less and sleeping on the floor.

-- ?!ng

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