[Noisebridge-congress] General travel plans, questions.

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Tue Nov 10 04:18:27 UTC 2009

Sorry about the late arrival to this list.  I'm also planning to join in 
on this trip.

I need to order tickets soon.

Re: Rubin: I have no other housing/travel plans besides hanging out in 
Berlin.  We can work together on housing stuff.

Re: Andy: Don't try that trick in Switzerland.  I got fined 70 franks on 
the spot by the highly efficient swiss train fare collector.  That was 
while I was sitting on the train with my snowboard and boarding gear on. 
And I _had_ a valid pass, but I was one stop in the wrong direction on the 
line trying to get back to where I was supposed to be.  All while a swiss 
pilot yells at the guy for fining a stupid tourist. :)


  "UNIX is user-friendly, it's just picky about its friends."

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