[Noisebridge-congress] Noisebridge apartment in Berlin

Ka-Ping Yee noisebridge at zesty.ca
Sun Nov 29 18:43:05 UTC 2009


> Restarting discussion on this. What the haps yo? Is this shiznat still
> happening? If so how much moneys should I set aside?

I am definitely interested.  I am about to get flights and would like
to get this figured out soon.  If lack of funds is an obstacle to quick
planning, I can put up some $ in advance for excellent people.

Christoph, thank you so much for offering to look for a place!

And Aaron, I'm thrilled to hear that you're running a Journey and I'd
love to play!

> 1. when you want to arrive (and when it makes sense for me to arrive)
> 2. how long you want to stay
> 3. how long it makes sense to stay in Europe (i.e., what other hack-ish
> events are worth attending)
> 4. how many people are interested in renting an apartment, and how big
> the apartment should be
> 5. whether you want to smoke in the apartment (I am an occasional
> smoker, but STRONGLY prefer non-smoking bedrooms, living, and dining
> spaces)

My dates are approximately Dec 24 to Jan 3, with more flexibility on
the starting date than the ending date.  On item #3, I'm open to ideas,
this being my first trip to Europe for an event like this.  I would
also prefer a non-smoking place.

I have not met all of you but am socially connected with quite a few
Noisebridge folks.  See zesty.ca for an old photo.  Shame on me for
not becoming an official member yet.

-- Ping

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