[Noisebridge-congress] General travel plans, questions.

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Oct 27 01:00:52 UTC 2009

So this'll be my first attempt at international travel. I think I can go 
for as long as I want just as long as funds don't run out, don't know 
how much my daily expenses will be.

Anyhow, Jan 2nd is my birthday and figure this would be a good chance to 
do something interesting with it. I would like to hit up a number of 
different places in Europe, just don't know which ones.

Additionally, I have an uncle in Milan that I haven't seen in a long 
time. My mom hasn't heard from him in almost a year. I'm attempting to 
find him now and see if he's alive and/or around.

My current idea is to fly into Berlin on the 24th/25th. Hang out for 
Congress and New Years, then possibly hit up Vienna, Zurich, Milan. Fly 
out of Milan some time on or after Jan 7th.

Questions for those who've done this whole travel thing before:

* How much should I plan on spending daily, if I can find couches to 
crash on?
* How much should I plan on spending on the trains there?
* Does this plan sound like something interesting?
* Are you interested on coming along?


Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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