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> > Rich Gibson wrote, On 20110712 165214:
> > One warning: it is very likely to rain, hard.  At one point my tent was on
> > top of several inches of water.  Basically no water came in, but I have no
> > idea why not-it was a 20 year old tent.>How quickly did the rain evaporate?
>Also how humid is it there? :P It rained incredibly hard one night.  Some people thought it would be nice to put their tents in a nice little circular valley, surrounded by a circular ridge to keep the rain from flowing into their nice little circular valley.  Of course, this created a nice little pond that formed by the rain filling it up.  Oddly(to me), several people did this.  And several people then turned on their soaking wet laptops to see if they still functioned.  Turning them on while wet ensured that they would never function again (if they would have waited till they dried out thoroughly, chances are they may still have functioned, at leastto some extent).  And things did dry out very quickly -- as I remember, 24 hours later you barely even tell it ever rained. It is hot and humid, but I like it hot, regardless of humidity.  I actually don't remember being uncomfortable -- but I was way too excited to be there, and my memory is probably clouded. Mitch.
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