[Noisebridge-congress] BERLIN local NB storage / travel

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Thu Jul 28 17:28:53 UTC 2011

great that early-birds are already near campsite and preparing !

also a few near-free BM style events happening during this times near berlin ...

and many underground art/hacker-spaces to see, and make new friends.

- - - -

there is couchsurfing/crash-space pre-, during-, post-event,

in a improvised hack/art-space,

and some camping gear,

available to anyone able to physically display,

or accurately visualize one of the NB logos to "the guardian",

as well as shout out the core principle of NB aloud ;)

- - - -

as a quick metaphor,

consider myself as one of

"regional local NB distributed storage and travel manager providers"

for Berlin/Germany/EU geographic area,

providing free/low-cost dynamic travel options,

focusing on camping/survival/hacking/electronics-gear,

essentially the minimalistic-core of a distributed german NB-style hackerspace.

- - - -

being somewhat minimalistic, I personally don't have much more,

than a simple 2 person igloo-tent, and possibly some field-beds,

which i won't need at camp, and can donate as NB shared space.

- - - -

if people were thinking about investing

in decent camping gear locally,

because of flight-weight-limits,

this gear can be organized and kept secure near berlin,

and made available to any NB affiliated travellers,

finding themselves in germany or europe in current and future times,

or anonymously shipped globally in emergency situations.

- - - -

also there is some limited capacity to transport people freely,

using trains, trams, and busses in Berlin, and all over germany.

if more demand than supply, it goes to the highest bitcoin BTC bidder,

while round-robin "token-ring" sharing should be somewhat possible.

- - - -

there is also a network of local german hackers,

that provides DE-hackerspace travel-event-tours on BTC otc-market.

- - - -

no guarantees in this complex life ...

but feel free to contact me,

with ideas, requests, or donations for this open-source fork project !

See you at CCC Chaos Communication Camp 2011 !

~mV | AndreasS

On 07/28/2011 10:12 AM, WZ wrote:
> Hey Andreas!

> That is great news. I'm staying about 3 hours from Berlin and coming
> to the city next week. So far I was planning to buy a cheap tent and
> outdoor cooking gear, then abandon them when I go back to the U.S.
> (what a waste!). If it's possible for me to borrow this gear, that
> would be great! I'll cook something for you at camp ;-)
> Also if you know anyone who could host me before camp, please let
> me know - I was staying in Berlin hostels and hotels last week, but would of
> course prefer to hang out with local hackers.
> Thanks much!

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