[Noisebridge-congress] NB CCC Chaos Camp Pre-Orga #2

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Sat Jul 30 16:04:41 UTC 2011

Hey NB CCC chaos camp adventurers !

there will be some locally organized minimalistic survival style
shelter and cooking utensils provided by:

"German NB CCC distributed hackerspace special forces hacker chaos angel Team"

including a few plastic-sheets or rain-ponchos tied up to trees,
for rain, sun, wind, protection,
and most likely some hammocks and sleeping-mats.

if time and manpower permitts,
I personally like to MAKE some improvised Burning Man hexayurts
from cheap isolation / reflecting materials,
obtained from a local Berlin DIY home-depot style store
(OBI / BauHaus/ Praktiker)


also there is a underground-artist-squat-hackspace attic "dachboden"
in the east part of berlin,
near "Köpenickerstr & Eisenbahnstr" close to subwaystation "görlitzer bahnhof",
which all NB hackers and friends can use
for crashing or storage pre- and post-camp.

- - - -

It is of course no problem to organize certain objects to magickally appear
at the campsite if requested by NB members or officers.

many second hand camping / military stores in berlin,
and like in SF, most objects can be organized in that kind of urban environment.

If you'd like to invest in "Germany/EU local distributed NB storage items"

those items can be organized pre-camp, stored and delivered the next time NB
hackers come to Germany, which quite likely might be in a few months for CCC

I can recommend this online-shop for cheap second-hand items,
that should make it easy to CCC camp in time, if ordered s00n !


I can order stuff for you,
and you or some NB officer pays at a later time,

or you can preferably pay in advance
via bitcoin BTC, paypal, or US bank transfer.

or completely register at that site yourself,
and send stuff to provided-on-need-to-know-basis berlin address.

See you at Camp or in Berlin underground-artspaces and clubs !

refer to your "Local NB CCC liaison officer tour-guide"

if more questions, ideas, or visions arise ...

~mV | MetaVolutioN | AndreasS

On 07/29/2011 09:00 PM, miloh wrote:
> if I could invest in a cheapo that would manifest at or
> near camp on arrival 9 august...
> (unfortuantely displacing electronics, logic
> analyzers, bits and pieces I would much rather be bringing)

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