[Noisebridge-congress] CCC 2011 on-site free camp gear

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Sat Jul 30 19:44:07 UTC 2011

I already have a tent. But I do like fire. Unfortunately I'm in Atlanta already and can't grab cook pots. 

miloh <froggytoad at gmail.com> wrote:

On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 10:40 AM, Andreas Stadler <rain at meta-mind.de> wrote:

so if nobody suggests otherwise ...

following items will be available freely to NB hackers @ CCC camp:

+ 2 pimped-up basic tents like http://bit.ly/r6wb9E

A tent like that is exactly what I'm looking for. I'll be arriving on the 9th August, directly into cccamp through Ebenswald station or some flug. Great!


-r. miloh alexander

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