[Noisebridge-congress] 28c3 NB HackerFleet MetaSpaceBridge

MeTaVoluti0N meta at c-base.org
Wed Nov 30 05:18:29 UTC 2011

On 11/30/2011 05:45 AM, miloh wrote:
>> > > begleitsperson!!!!  ANdreas! It's good to hear your voice in this

hehe - this time i got "golden tokens" as speaker ;-)

thanks for support and shared fun at NB SF and CCC camp,
while i'm somewhat regretting the r0cketbadge situation,
since it goes well with OpenBCI Neuroheadset arduino kits ...

still got the multitool with broken blade,
that changed hands while attempting to fix a NB hacker's chair ;)

see attached OpenBCI kit pix ...

looking forward to cU s00n

~Andreas Stadler  | MeTaVoluti0N MeTaMecHanICs | www.meta-mind.de




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