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Michael Zeltner m at niij.org
Tue Apr 23 09:29:17 UTC 2013

On 23 Apr 05:35, Mitch Altman wrote:
> It is looking like the main sponsor of OHM (FOX IT) is selling surveillance
> equipment to repressive governments.  If this is true (and I still need to
> find out for myself), then I won't be organizing any workshops in any OHM
> infrastructure.

Hmm, I thought this penetrated the community well enough already, but the whole
controversy stems from this blog post:

It prompted this statement form OHM, which is currently offline:

Koen, whom some of you know, apparently works for Fox-IT, also helps organise
OHM and wrote the following response:

To be honest, the replies all leave a terrible taste in my mouth. It's not that
I wouldn't want to go because it'll be a terrible event that Fox-IT will gain
more from than the community would (both are too hard to measure anyway). It's
the kind of arguments presented that make me cringe:

"We need money to run this and you liked it last time too, they were sponsors
then as well", "But we need to talk about our disagreements, we're trying to
create a venue for that" and "Trust us, we're on the good side". What certainly
doesn't help is that Fox-IT will apparently have their own village:
https://gis.ohm2013.org/ (below N5, next to POC)

I probably won't come, but for reasons other than Fox-IT. What I would hope is
that those who go would actually blast them away with arguments and well
executed trolling.

Best, Michael
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