[Noisebridge-congress] Not playing the dancing around OHM game

Satiredun satiredun at gmail.com
Wed May 29 16:58:24 UTC 2013

As might I. 

Drawing and making

On May 29, 2013, at 6:21 AM, Ben Kochie <ben at nerp.net> wrote:

I'll be in Berlin after September 14th with not too much to do before October 1.


On Wed, 29 May 2013, Rubin Abdi wrote:

> Every time I've gone to Europe it's been for some hacker related event.
> In addition to most of those I've either helped with running a giant
> street game or thought it would be sane to bike across parts of it.
> There's been a bunch of shit smeared across OHM, weather it's their shit
> or not I could honestly give less than a fuck about at this point. What
> is apparent is how I've kind of gotten sick of the hacker community and
> its politics. We've gone from hacking the system to hacking our own
> systems. It feels less of us trying to work together towards something
> awesome and more like a waste of my time.
> With all that being said, there are a number of you talking about going
> to Europe during OHM, but not actually going to the event, mostly just
> there to hang out with familiar faces. Which sounded like a great idea
> to me, until I had this radical thought that I could go to Europe
> whenever I wanted to for whatever reason, and it didn't have to be
> related to the hacker scene. Wow!
> I am piecing together a street game to be executed here in San Francisco
> at the end of August. My original plan was to release the mechanics and
> software of the game as open source/CC, and toss it over the pond for
> fin (or whoever) to run.
> Anyone feel like going to Europe sometime in September to run this game
> once, or a few times? No stress of conference schedule or the need to
> beef up your firewall required.
> -- 
> Rubin
> rubin at starset.net
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