[Cyborg] Wearable skin galvanic response indicator

Sai Emrys noisebridge at saizai.com
Wed Jul 22 00:59:22 UTC 2009

I'm curious whether this: <http://www.produceconsumerobot.com/truth/>
could be made slimmer.

(One note 'cause it always annoys me, especially from someone who
should know better: GSR is not a 'lie detection' test, it's an arousal/stress
detection test. People get aroused for all sorts of reasons that don't
tell you in any way close to reliable whether they're lying. Cf. Paul
Ekman, "Telling Lies".)

I'd want it to be much simpler and low-key than that example -
preferably similar in form factor to the compass anklet I saw a couple
of you working on, and with sensors on the inside of the wristband
rather than requiring an additional finger sensor.

I don't know if that's possible though, as my knowledge of EE &
circuit design / component availability is minimal.

Some possibilities drawn from ignorance:
* swap AAA for wafer-type battery(s)
* smaller chip, or maybe even chipless (if e.g. one could make the
skin itself be a resistor like in normal dimmable lights?)
* flexible breadboard or other replacement for the big hard thing
* smaller LEDs - or something else that lights up from one end to the
other depending on power applied? (e.g. do any EL wires or similar
things do this?)

If it helps, I have a decent cheap fingertip pulse oximeter that could
be cannibalized. If this wristband could also show pulse & O2 while
still being slim, so much the awesomer.

So, to those of you who do: is it? How would I go about making this?

- Sai

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