[Cyborg] [Noisebridge-discuss] Wearable skin galvanic response indicator

Martin Bogomolni martinbogo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 04:53:35 UTC 2009

It can absolutely be made smaller/slimmer using SMD parts and changing
out the batteries for coin cells.  The question really is "is it worth
it?"    Personally, I like the "ghetto" quality of the device... it's
like a nixie watch in that respect.

Although there is a micro nixie tube watch ( using russian nixie tubes
that are just 6mm tall! ) that I would love to own.


On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 7:59 PM, Sai Emrys<noisebridge at saizai.com> wrote:
> I'm curious whether this: <http://www.produceconsumerobot.com/truth/>
> could be made slimmer.
> (One note 'cause it always annoys me, especially from someone who
> should know better: GSR is not a 'lie detection' test, it's an arousal/stress
> detection test. People get aroused for all sorts of reasons that don't
> tell you in any way close to reliable whether they're lying. Cf. Paul
> Ekman, "Telling Lies".)
> I'd want it to be much simpler and low-key than that example -
> preferably similar in form factor to the compass anklet I saw a couple
> of you working on, and with sensors on the inside of the wristband
> rather than requiring an additional finger sensor.
> I don't know if that's possible though, as my knowledge of EE &
> circuit design / component availability is minimal.
> Some possibilities drawn from ignorance:
> * swap AAA for wafer-type battery(s)
> * smaller chip, or maybe even chipless (if e.g. one could make the
> skin itself be a resistor like in normal dimmable lights?)
> * flexible breadboard or other replacement for the big hard thing
> * smaller LEDs - or something else that lights up from one end to the
> other depending on power applied? (e.g. do any EL wires or similar
> things do this?)
> If it helps, I have a decent cheap fingertip pulse oximeter that could
> be cannibalized. If this wristband could also show pulse & O2 while
> still being slim, so much the awesomer.
> So, to those of you who do: is it? How would I go about making this?
> - Sai
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