[Cyborg] Feeling magnetism

Jorgen Cederlof jc at lysator.liu.se
Tue Jul 28 18:29:28 UTC 2009

Hi cyborgs,

I just read the comments to the Slashdot article about the compass


and some were pretty interesting. A lot of people have implanted small
passive magnets in their fingertips, which makes them able to feel
magnetic fields (and move metallic things). Examples:


I like the fact that they are so low-tech and passive, but I wouldn't
want anything implanted. Especially not something that would rip
through my skin and break a multimillion dollar machine if I ever had
to have an MRI. Some people seem to talk about using glue or gloves
instead of surgery. That sounds like something worth exploring.

I also found this company selling vibrating display devices:


. I can't find any price information on their pages though.


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