[Cyborg] battery standardization

Lamont Lucas lamont at cluepon.com
Thu Mar 26 22:51:43 UTC 2009

Eric Boyd wrote:
> Sensebridge,  
> I did some research into LiPo batteries.  My conclusion is that we should standardize on the SparkFun batteries.  

I totally agree.  I've been rewiring some older boards to use the small 
JST polarized connectors that the sparkfun batteries ship with, and have 
the 860 mAh and the 100 mAh packs.  Them not catching fire when they go 
over or undervoltage is a big deal for me.

Btw, I did a test with the 860 mAh LiPo pack, plugging it straight into 
the RBBB board I'm using, just running a small LED and blinking another 
one.  The battery took about 1.5 hours to charge using the MAX1555 chip 
powered via USB (would have been less using the DC barrel jack)

I didn't calculate the power draw of the chip with its tiny little 
program and LED, but the board lasted for over 38 hours like that before 
it dropped below the 3.7v needed by the regulator and the board stopped 

Once I'm back I'll repeat the test with a pulsing motor and see how long 
it lasts.  And I'll use a small ADC logger I have to track voltage and 
current to produce some pretty graphs.

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