[Cyborg] 8-bit shift registers and ribbon cable

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 26 23:53:01 UTC 2009


I placed a digikey order for some of those 8-bit shift registers:

Index	Quantity	Part Number	Description	Customer Reference	Backorder Quantity	Unit Price
USD	Extended Price
1	8	296-1956-5-ND	IC PWR 8-BIT SHIFT REGIS 20-DIP		0	1.41000	$11.28
2	1	MC10G-25-ND	CABLE 10 COND 25FT FLAT GRAY		0	7.08000	$7.08
3	10	CPC10S-ND	CONN IDC 10PIN TIN PCB		0	1.03400	$10.34
	Subtotal	$28.70
	Shipping	unknown
	Estimated Sales Tax	$2.37
	Total	unknown

I also got 25 feet of ribbon cable and some ribbon crimps so that we don't have to mess as much with cabling - already a serious pain with 4 motors, it would have been horrible at 8 with this ribbon cable.

I ordered extra of both shift registers and cable/crimps so if another project would like to buy some from me I'm new your dealer :-).

It'll likely be middle of next week when I finally get them here.


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