[Cyborg] Compass Vibro-Device PCB Order

Adam Skory askory at gmail.com
Wed May 6 02:35:16 UTC 2009

Hello Cyborg friends,

My and Eric's PCB design is ready for Beta Rev 0.1 production.
Thursday morning at the latest I will order some printed circuit
boards. Several people have expressed interest in one of these. I
would very gladly add you to the order as price per unit drops very
quickly in these endeavors!

If you have Eagle you can download and explore the schematic and board
files at http://sensebridge.net/cva/eagle/ otherwise there are two png
images of the same that you can look at least.

I set up an order page on the wiki for PCB panels and for what
components you want to put on there. I have no idea yet how much it
will work out to per panel, but it's looking like something between
$15-$30. The components *excluding the compass chip* should be less
then $15 or so. I will update with the final price once I settle on a
board house and know how many panels we're getting.


There ARE mistakes on this board! If I knew what they were I would
have fixed them. But there's only so much use in staring at a
schematic, sooner or later I have to have something physical to test
out. Be prepared for a bit of pin-bending to make things fit, and - I
hope unlikely but not impossible - getting out an x-acto knife and
some jumper wires cuz I got a trace or two wrong. This is Beta Rev 0.1
for a reason.


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