[Cyborg] Equilibrium: Five Senses, a party of Science, Art, and Music

Meredith L. Patterson mlp at thesmartpolitenerd.com
Sat Oct 31 01:28:36 UTC 2009

Adam Skory wrote:
> Guiness is like milk shakes, other kinds of beer are just ruined.

But Budweiser ends up tasting like sparkling water, which is a huge 
improvement IMO. ;) And watch out for balsamic vinegar -- that stuff 
tastes amazing on miraculin.

I've been to a couple of Matt Bell's flavour-tripping parties, and they 
were great -- rating the different foods and drinks people brought and 
discovering how people's senses of taste change differently in response 
to miraculin was really interesting. (Among other things, I noticed that 
people who already have unusual responses to certain tastes, e.g. 
finding straight lemon juice sweet rather than overwhelmingly sour, had 
wildly different responses to miraculin.) I bet the talk's going to be 


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