[Cyborg] Tokyo Hackerspace

Dr. Dave Sonntag aoard.lifesci at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 03:51:09 UTC 2009

Mitch Altman done birthed another Hackerspace, right here in Tokyo! He
and I spoke back to back last May at the first Tokyo Barcamp, and then
he taught my kids how to solder at the Tokyo Make Fair.

Here's what our THS openhouse looked like last Sunday:

I'm one of the THS founding members, very interested in human-machine
interfaces, and especially the feelSpace.

We've got access to Akihabara and I'm happy to champion Cyborg issues
here in Tokyo. On the acceleromter front, we're looking to maybe partner
something with Virtus Sensors MEMS-based six-axis accelerometers. Way
small, way cheap, and way cool: http://virtusensors.com. Virtus has a
tech incubator here in Tokyo.

Can somebody hook me up with Northpaw kit(s)?


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